Spectra™ Slot: Thunderkick Lights up Wins in Full Spectrum of Winnings

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Full Spectrum Entertainment!

TypeVideo slot games
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What’s Hot
  • Retro Graphics and Soundtrack!
  • Interesting Wild features!
What’s Not
  • No Formal Free Spins or Multipliers

Game Description

The word Spectrum (and its plural Spectra) was first used in a scientific capacity to describe the virtual rainbow of different colours that could be detected in visible light once it had passed through a prism. This is often depicted as a rainbow of colours set into a simple triangle. In the 1982 Sir Clive Sinclair developed the 8-bit ZX Spectrum home computer which used the same palette of visible light colours as its logo. It was called the Spectrum because it was one of the first home computers to feature a colour display.

Those quirky software developers Thunderkick Games have clearly taken inspiration from all these subjects when it came to creating their latest video slot masterpiece Spectra. It features simple vector style graphics that hark back to the days of classic arcade gaming and an overall feel that encompasses all the different ideas based on the theme of a Spectrum. The classic rainbow palette shining through a dark background also conjures up Pink Floyd into the mix and also reminds us a bit of Mario Karts Rainbow Road, while the game itself make use of different features to deliver a slightly different slot game experience than the normal video slot offers.

Technical Characteristics

Spectra is a simply designed slot which harks back to 80’s popular culture. Its theme draws influence from early computer games and platforms such as the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. There’s also a touch of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in the games design, found mostly in the dark background and spectrum colours mixed with simple shapes. The soundtrack and FX are firmly routed in the 80s, with synth pop music and early arcade game soundtracks the basis for the games punchy audio. Symbols are simple, retaining a simple tube light styling and a palette that draws only from the main colours of the visible light spectrum.

This video slot features 5 reels, each with 3 lines and a total possible 30 pay lines and is easy to operate thanks to Thunderkick’s intuitive UI design. The controls are very straightforward and allow you to set the available betting amount, auto spin feature and manual spin. You can easily access the games features and pay table information by clicking the designated button on the left hand side of the user interface. All of Thunderkick’s games feature a similar UI coded in HTML5 which means you get the same options and features no matter if you play via smartphone and tablet devices or straight from the browser on a PC.

Bonuses and Rewards

Spectra by Thunderkick Games has special bonus features that all centre around the in-game wild symbol and this is the only special feature found in Spectra. Now while this means there are no formal free spins rounds or multipliers available, the wild symbol itself does all the hard work for you instead, allowing for three possible outcomes every time you land this special bonus symbol.

The wild symbol in this game is represented by the ‘full spectrum’ coloured ‘W’ and reacts in different ways depending on the situation at hand. Under normal conditions during the game the wild symbol will substitute itself for any other symbol but there’s an extra side to this wild as it will always appear stacked, i.e. in vertical groups of 4 when it lands. This gives u ample opportunity to win on occasions when you might not have before, completing any broken pay lines that are currently eligible.

Things start to get interesting now because if a new wild stack appears on or directly next to a payline, this will trigger a free re-spin feature called the Wild Respin. This actually triggers quite a lot but will only happen once you’ve initially landed a stack of wilds. Next during each of these Wild Respins, the visible wild stacks will nudge symbols towards the centre of the active reels in what Thunderkick call a Wild Nudge. If the symbol lands at the top of the reels for example, the Wild Nudge feature will nudge it down and towards the centre, meaning your next re-spin will feature two wilds and so on. This helps you to complete additional wild stacks across the reels which triggers more re-spins in return. This feature makes it possible for players to achieve a reel that is completely made up from Wilds.