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Sunny Scoops
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Sunny Scoops™ Slot: Thunderkick’s $500k Jackpot will make you Melt

Play Sunny Scoops

Give in to gourmet ice cream and take home $500!

NameSunny Scoops
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileno
Available on Tabletno
Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • Let it be said, fantastic idea!
  • Unity engine for a maximum of realism.
  • A soundtrack that reminds us of the Roaring Twenties.
  • Multipliers and free spins are outstanding.
  • Suitable for small budgets.
  • Keeps the dentist away!
What’s Not
  • Too addictive!
  • Impossible to choose the lines manually!

Do you prefer ice cream or sorbet?

After Birds on Wire®, we decided to take a look into Sunny Scoops®, the second title released by the Nordic studio Thunderkick brimming with imagination. This time, they take us close to the sea, warm weather, and invite us to taste some frozen yogurt. The developers will put a strain on your stomach! Indeed, you have to scroll through the balls of chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and strawberry ice cream, and try to align them perfectly to make your experience the most lucrative it can be. This will not be difficult: like its predecessor, Sunny Scoops® wants to be very exciting and packed with originality, and despite the absence of major bonuses.

Frosted delights and a holiday feel

You feel this holiday scent? Thunderkick is about to break your day with its Sunny Scoops® slot machine with 3 reels and 14 paylines. In addition to a highly original format, this game highlights the graphical prowess of the Unity engine, which is a program that is widespread on the video game market. If Thunderkick has used a small part of Unity’s capabilities when making its game, seeing ice cream melt gradually reinforces the feeling of realism. And what about the background, where you can see the waves moving slowly? Colorful like we were in summer, Sunny Scoops® features minimalist and intuitive game-play: everything runs in just a few clicks! Whether you want to respin or access the game options, everything will be via a discrete menu bar placed at the bottom of the screen.

All of your actions will be rocked by a sweet melody that seems pulled straight from the 1950s (unless either the 1940 or even 1930). A feeling of happiness, almost a little silly, makes Sunny Scoops® fun to play and will free you from your daily overloaded. In addition to that, the range of bets offered by Thunderkick is adapted to every budget: the permitted minimum bet of $0.10 will please the small players. The more daring guests may bet up to $100 and try to quintuple their initial investments!

A low fat bonus recipe

Generally, a slot machine, which has no Wild or Scatter symbol, is seen with suspicion. Yet, Sunny Scoops® offers nothing of it, the slot manages to seduce us quite easily through a system of simple but very effective bonuses. To win the CASH on this festive slot machine, you will simply observe the basic rule: aligning at least three similar symbols on a single payline. The lemon ball that is most profitable will allow you to multiply your original bet by 5.

Another option that will not make you regret to chain scoops of sorbet, a sort of "wheel of greed" that will unlock as soon as you will associate up three balls of the same flavor down. You will then have access to multipliers, which start as and as you will earn assorted ice balls. Combined with free spins (up to 10 in all and for all), this feature is very innovative and triggers vertical gains. The "Fruity Fashion" feature will occur when the wheel that we described above merges with a scale that can lead you to the summit. If you are lucky, then you put your hands on the ultimate jackpot on Sunny Scoops®!