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The Invisible Man
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The Invisible Man™ Slot: NetEnt have Hidden the Prizes for You to Find

Play The Invisible Man
NameThe Invisible Man
SoftwareNet Entertainment
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • We love it when NetEnt revisits classics!
  • A remake very faithful to the original work, the fans will enjoy it!
  • A whole bunch of bonuses!
  • Kenny is finally alive and well!
What’s Not
  • The maximum Jackpot is not really attractive.

The Invisible Man™ is an online video slot brought to us by the lovely people at NetEnt as part of their licensing deal with Universal Studios. The story behind the slot is based upon the original 1933 horror classic, the rather unusual tale of Griffin; a man crazy enough to inject an experimental serum into himself which turns him invisible. We’re first greeted with an animated intro depicting Griffins back story and how he became invisible. You’re free to skip past this at any time but it is a really high quality animation to watch, reminiscent of a Tim Burton film.

Once you’ve clicked through to start you are presented with the games main UI. The main reels have a strong art deco feel, with the symbols and border design truly reflecting this period. The reels themselves are surrounded by an eerie lab setting, with various concoctions bubbling away in lab flasks and test tubes, adding to the suspense of the game. The music has that classic Danny Elfman vibe; it creates suspense and drama while at the same time conjuring a sense of anxious wonder like a dark fairytale, very cool indeed. On the reels themselves the symbols are represented by characters from The Invisible Man, including Griffin himself, Dr. Cranley and the Policeman to name a few. The other ‘card’ numbers keep the theme running in the same deco period styling as the rest of the game.

Technical characteristics

The slot has 5 reels, 3 columns and a total of 20 available pay lines with bets starting steeply at $0.20, with the betting ceiling at $100 and the maximum cash jackpot available $2500. The controls feature a customizable auto spin feature and then the standard controls to raise and lower bets, an instant max bet button and the classic centrally located spin button. The rest of the UI is made up of all the usual information that you would expect from an online slot such as your total bankroll, bet amounts and settings and help buttons. In terms of the slot itself, it has a host of features including bonus rounds, free spins and 2 different ‘Walking Wilds’ that come in Policeman and Griffin varieties and move from one side of the screen to the other from opposite ends triggering re spins. Should these two ever meet in the middle, then the bonus round is triggered.

Bonuses and rewards

There are numerous bonuses in the game and they all stem from the ‘Walking’ wilds that appear frequently throughout the game. As we mentioned earlier there are two types of wilds, Griffin and the Policeman. They start at either side of the screen and ‘walk’ their way across to the other side, triggering re spins with every ‘step’. Now when these two appear together on the same line and meet in the middle of the reels, the free spins bonus round is activated. This transports you to a different screen for 10 free spins. The walking wilds appear throughout this feature and depending on which appear at the time, it fills a meter at the top of the screen. There are two meters, one for Griffin and one for the Policeman. If you manage to fill either of these during the free spins round then you will activate a custom feature based on either of the two characters.

Filling up griffins meter will activate Griffins special feature game which consists of you trying to locate Griffin in different locations. If you find him this could lead to either a prize or multiplier. If you manage to fill the Policeman’s meter then you will activate the Policeman special feature game. This will trigger 3 really powerful free spins, each spin adding 5 wilds to the reels with the potential to send your winnings into the stratosphere.