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Toki Time™ Slot: Thunderkick know you’ll Toki-Your-Time Playing this

Play Toki Time

Psychadelic Prizes Await You!

NameToki Time
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • The lovable critters and the comedy music have us loving this game!
  • Free spins and re-spins in abundance.
  • Graphics are simple yet so clean and fun.
What’s Not
  • Only 11 paylines available.
  • No additional bonus games.

Game Description

There is something super charming about the colorful monsters from Thunderkick in the Toki Time video slot, potentially the simplicity of the Japanese symbols, or the rewards and bonuses, whatever it is the simplicity of this game has us all captivated and we cannot stop spinning the reels.

Toki Time is a slot machine that enjoys simple graphics, simple gameplay that will remind you that a slot machine is all about it’s game play and not about the bombastic add ons that seems to be overflowing nowadays.

The dancing flowers and mushrooms omit a psychadellic almost undderwater meets mountain theme, and will sure have you buzzing about the fun element of Toki Time. Let us help you dive into the shooting the colourful monsters as you enjoy some smiley stars, the party is about to start in Toki Time and reels are there to spin and ultimately win!

Technical Characteristics

Toki Time is a 5 reel 11 payline slot machine that is brought to you by game giants Thunderkick. Enjoying the Thunderkick trandemark, the colorful critters burst into an explosion of color onto your reels everytime you hit spin. The fun part of Toki Time is that everytime you hit the reels the Toki Monsters are ommited from mini volcanoes that are placed evenly at the bottom of your reels. Smiling clouds, yellow cats or rabbits, coupled with some animated dancing symbols ensure you are fully entertained with the graphics that compliment this addictive video slot.

For those of you how enjoy a good comdey or re-runs of Benny Hill episodes, you will truly enjoy the sounds that are enjoyed whilst playing Toki Time. Both the graphics and the cool sounds are

God brand massaging and remind us how good Thunderkick games are!

Join the monster eruption for as little as 0.10 a spin or else dare to win big by opting for the maximum bet with a whopping 100.00 per spin.

If you are a fan of simple, yet pleasing cartoon animated video slots, then Toki Time will be one of your favourites. The simplicity will remind you of Apple products, simple, clean, yet sophisticated and addictive. Toki Time has and will continue to be a fan favourite for many days to follow.

Enjoy Toki Time also mobile as it is now available as you go on your phone or tablet. The Toki Time monsters are coming with you everywhere!

Bonuses and Rewards

Keeping the simplistic and straighforward gameplay Toki Time is not so heavy in the Bonus and the Reward Department, yet Thunderkick have promised us a solid 97% RTP when playing this game.

The good news is that the lovable critters that star in Toki Time can pay up to a whopping 2400 coins at a time, this do not be fooled by the smiley faces, they pay well. Obviously some bonuses and rewards can be triggered mostly by opting to go for the maximum betting option.

Don’t you live having unicorns show up on your screen? Add a couple of sheep, giraffes and taller monsters and please meet the expnding wilds that dominate this slot machine. There are other unknown animals that have a cross bred kind of feel that also fall part of the expanding wild family, these characters appear on 2 and 4th reel and award you tons of spins and re-spins. Keep in mind that the free re-spins will go on until more winning combos are achieved! Trust us, this feature does land you some good coin amounts.

Toki Time allows you to win from right to left and also from left to right, a feature that is not avaulable in all video slots. Remember that even tough this video slot has only 11 paylines, this feature will compensate you enough to forget the 11 paylines.

We have enjoyed playing Toki Time, enough to have us craving some Manga cartoons or potentially getting the latest Japanese inspired gadget. In the meantime you will find us on the reels of Toki Time spending some quality time with the lovable characters aka monsters.