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Tomb Raider 2: The Secret of The Sword
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Tomb Raider 2: The Secret of the Sword™ Slot: Microgaming Treasure

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NameTomb Raider 2: The Secret of The Sword
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes

Oh, Lara Croft, are you ever sexy! No, no, don’t take the remark as anything perverted. It has nothing to do with that. After all, the charming adventuress created by Toby Gard is the most emblematic and sensual fictional character of the 21st century. And one would have to be another woman not to accept it. The heiress of the Croft family has everything going for her: a dream body, exceptional athleticism, rock-solid intelligence, as well as a well-tempered personality. You have probably played her first adventures in Tomb Raider, but something much better awaits you in Tomb Raider 2: Secret of the Sword. Indeed, this video slot developed by Microgaming and consisting of five reels and thirty pay lines takes up the great adventures of the young archeologist. As the name of the game implies, you will have to help the adventuress find an ancient sword that is priceless in value. Are you ready for incredible voyages and adventures alongside the most charming of damsels? Perfect, but be careful of her “dual guns”!

Technical features

Esthetically speaking, this second installment of the adventures of Lara Croft is quite faithful to the original games published by Eidos Interactive. You will find on this slot several symbols that will remind you of the many adventures of the legendary tomb hunter. You will also once again find her in her most beautiful attire, enjoying as she does a vast wardrobe adapted to every situation – evening gown, biker combo, athletic gear, and of course the eternal combi-shorts, special forces camo and tank tops that all men adore!

From a financial standpoint, this Tomb Raider sequel won’t ruin you. While you are allowed to bet a maximum of up to 300 coins on Tomb Raider 2, remember that a single measly euro cent will enable you to take part in the incredible quest pursued by the beautiful Lara, who is searching for an ancestral weapon with unimaginable powers. Be aware that a secret jackpot is concealed beneath the slot: amounting to €15,000, it can only be won if the user bets the maximum amount. Ah yes, in life one sometimes has to know how to make choices!

Bonuses and payouts

As is typical on Microgaming slots, numerous bonuses can enable you to charm the delicious Lara and also to fill up on winnings. It is the heroine’s very portrait that serves as the Wild symbol, and it will help you to compose a maximum of winning combinations. One will also find in this second installment a Scatter symbol capable of distributing up to ten additional free spins. It’s quite simply a matter of the Excalibur key! When the player unlocks the game’s Super Mode, he can see his winnings get multiplied by hefty sums, thanks to this key which enables him take in hand the masterful and legendary sword. Despite all the beautiful things enumerated above, the real challenge in Tomb Raider 2 consists of unlocking the bonus mini-game, entitled “Global Adventure”. To reach that, you have to hit the passport symbol in the middle of the reels. Once one of the pages is stamped, you can travel to five different destinations and try to recover the fragments that constitute the ancestral sword. However, that will not be easy, for you will be facing many dangers and obstacles…