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Viking Runecraft
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Viking Runecraft™ Slot: Play’n GO Bring the Gods Gift of Online Slots

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It IS the BEST Video Slot on the market! The only rip off here is the game title.

NameViking Runecraft
SoftwarePlay n Go
TypeVideo slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
Get 100% up to $150 + 150 Free Spins!
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Game Description

Getting beyond the obvious jaw dropping *cough* title rip-off, you will be in sheer AMAZEMENT by the gameplay. Even the graphics alone are more refined, more thoughtful and more grown up, which is so pleasing. Far too many times are we subjected to playing games which seem to be aimed at children. This is mature, this is Gods, this is Vikings, this is Warriors, this is magic and battle, this game is complete!

A few brief words of merit to the usually obvious Play’n GO “we salute you fine people, we salute you and all is forgiven.”

Viking Runecraft is one of the very few reactor games or drop-based games in the market. The gameplay is a refreshing change from the norm and we hope this style of video slot gaming grows and becomes more of a regular option to the keen gambler.

The gaming premise is modern in the most literal sense in terms of how the game looks, how it feels and importantly how the game plays.

Viking Runecraft is right now, as said before, the best video slot game out there.

Technical Characteristics

The gaming has so many technical levels but we will try to do our best describing them in a simple way to help you play.

Before we go all geeky on you the formatting of the usual reels spin is partly replaced, you will now play on a 7x7 grid with a format which can only be likened to Candy Crush the popular non-paying gaming app. So when you spin and the icons fall in the right place the reactor kicks in and the icons explode to drop down more icons in replacement and the pattern continues till winning ceases and the spin comes round again. So this is the common action visuals of the game’s performance.

Now to get all geeky on you so brace yourself; All wins collected in a round of ‘spins’ help to charge a mythical energy counter, this is the round wheel found in the upper left corner of the screen. When the counter is full and no new combination is present, the charge effect works its magic by triggering one of four wonderful magical gifts:

The Fury: 4 icons running diagonally are crushed. Two lines of icons are taken away, the other two lines of icons are converted to a different icon.

The Judgment: A huge number of icons are blown away in an uninterrupted path from one side to the other. Along the way, a number of different icons are replaced with another single icon

The Conflagration: 3 icons will burst into majestic flames. Then fire spreads to a number of nearby icons. Those burning are destroyed. After destruction, a new icon is generated. All icons in each ream/slot will then match.

The Bait: Two opposite looking icons are selected. A transformation takes place to removed matching one and replace them with one of the chosen icons so its fingers crossed that the selected icon has a greater value

Bonuses and Rewards

The game resumes normally after each magic effect, so the charge counter can reboot once again. A single full charge after one of the charge effects mentioned above will trigger a function, which gives 1 free round.

During this function called Ragnarök, the destruction counter is swapped around to a bonus meter that denotes the end of the world. Win enough icons throughout this function and you will be rewarded richly with a total victory multiplier!

20 icons = x2-multiplier. 40 = x3 multiplier. 60 =x5 multiplier. 80 = x15 multiplier!

The game has four different gods which you must activate different patterns on the field. The pattern will be displayed to you below the deity on the right of the screen. To delete a pattern, you must win at the specified grid positions.

Every god has a unique power. The gift of the gods' function can randomly trigger on non-winning game rounds. The gift of the god’s function creates golden runes. The golden runes replace adjacent symbols and create new opportunities for winning.

(The golden runes have also existed at Troll Hunters another video slot game)

Thor: 5 to 9 randomly selected symbols turn into golden runes!

Odin: 4 golden runes are created in two pairs where the runes in each pair are vertically adjacent.

Freya: Golden Runes are created in 4 different patterns starting at a random position on the grid inside the inner 5x5 area. The runes are positioned in such a way that at least one win is achieved.