Well of Wonders

Well of Wonders™ Slot: Thunderkick Wonder if You’ll Take the Jackpot

Play Well of Wonders

Careful what you wish for, you could become Rich!

NameWell of Wonders
Type3D slot games
Available on Desktopyes
Available on mobileyes
Available on Tabletyes
Our grade:
What’s Hot
  • Multiplier feature
  • New gaming dynamic
What’s Not
  • No real depth
  • No obvious bonus round

Game Description

Well, this is an odd little game from Thunderkick, can’t say we’ve seen a slot quite like this one. Well of Wishes plays like no other slot, it’s not even definable as your common slot game. Set in some mystical woodland, the presence of the wishing well glows with carved symbols and numbered stones 1 to 32. These would appear to be multipliers, as the illuminated stones change in order following a win. So how does one win if there are no reels?

Well upon clicking the spin button, 7 various stones will rise up from the well, matching 3 or more of the same kind brings about a win, the stones then vanish and replacements come from the well again. It’s a reactor game but very odd, good odd, it’s different and certainly took us by surprise. Given the look of the game, this would be more at home as a NetEnt creation, seeing as it has their beloved floating orbs.

The movement of the game seems slow at first, perhaps down to the stones slow rotation in mid—air, but it plays well (no pun intended.)

Technical Characteristics

Graphically the game is sound, Earthly colours and soft on the eye, nothing too fancy, it’s just as it needs to be.

The game may seem like it doesn’t boast too much, but looks are deceiving, the payout for the red stone landing 5 times comes with a 500 cash reward, there are no win lines because of this being a non-reel game. So the key to growing a sizable balance comes down to betting large stakes wisely, in hopes of striking a combination of wins, thusly climbing the multiplier.

The Well of Wonders does come with a wild symbol, noticeable by the ‘W’ embossed within it.

Bonuses and Rewards

Now there is only one feature to tell of, the Fairy Feature. The benefit of this is that the trigger to activate the reward can happen during basic gaming level. Randomly the Fairy appears, if no win is formed from the stones, with a bit of Fairy dust and magic, she removes all singular stones with no matching counterpart, re-loads the well and increases the multiplier.

You have to praise Thunderkick for trying something different, it may not be engrossing and may only suit your attention span for 30 minutes, but a new idea is there and it could come about again in a better-laid plan. For now, though we’ll take it and say thank you for offering this, but we shall now move onto another game as we are far too greedy and we demand bigger rewards and more bustling features and bonus rounds. It should be experienced though.