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Slot Machine Strategy - Advices to Know When a Slot Machine Will Hit

slot machines strategy

When it comes to slot machines there are some key points to you need to master the perfect slot machine strategy. There are things that affect your performance, save you money and help you achieve success from the simple game of slots.

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Fantastic Casino Games that Pay – Learn Slots Strategy and Win Real Cash!

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of winning a yummy payout by playing online slots, let’s go through the basics all players should evaluate to be able to determine which online slots to play. This article will provide you with a detailed overview of how to win at slots and how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay. Our expert team of passionate casino players will share their secrets to help you overcome any unexpected traps and challenges.

When you look for an effective slots strategy, make sure to check what types of games you should choose and how to choose the best machine in terms of your return on investment. Even though many players say that slots are games of luck, you will still maximize your chances of winning if you approach the game with a solid understanding of the process. Tune in and we will take you through it step by step!

Are Slot Machines Totally Random?

The short answer to this question is both “yes” and “no”. When you come to play any of the machines that are either within the casino or through our selection of demo games, you are faced with two types of algorithm which calculate and determines the winning outcome.

So, how does this affect your slot machine strategy? Knowing the facts, especially how a simple slot machine is programmed can play into your advantage. This, along with all the other areas of the slot will help to explain and to give you a clearer picture of the game to help you succeed whilst playing in some Vegas themed casino gambling for real money.

Breaking Random Myths

When it comes to any form of machine strategy, knowing the inner workings play a part in gaining knowledge and this, in itself, is an advantage. The slot machines are built with two forms of algorithm, the first is the RTP which means Return to Player. You will often find the RTP noted in the gaming description, for example, 96.5% RTP. This is a percentage-based program which only disperses money once the right percentage of money has been placed into the slot by all players, not just you. See this as the house edge and you get an example how big the gulf is with this edge.

The next algorithm is the random number generator, known as the RNG. The program for this is the fairest option of any machine to play because, this one is totally random and, therefore, dismisses the idea that all slot machines are somehow fixed.

Is There a Trick to Slot Machines?

The only important trick to any Vegas game, regardless of whether you’re playing online slots, video poker or enjoying a game of Roulette, is to know all the facts of the game first. This can be anything from the rules of play, through to knowing the odds of different actions.

When it comes to forming slot machine tips the order of knowledge is simple.

1. Do you know the rules of the game?

2. Do you know what the odds of winning are?

3. Are you able to budget your bankroll?

4. Do you know how virtual machines work?

5. Are you prepared to lose when gambling for real money?

These are simple steps, but within each, a certain degree of awareness is needed to achieve wins from any online slot machine or other casino game.

Is There a Slot Machine Strategy?

So, do slot machine winning strategies exist out there? Certainly! Look at the casino bonus of free spins a simple enough option provided to the player, but what you have already gained is an advantage to win free money without having to use your own finances to capitalize on the bonus. Now, if you have two casinos, one offering 25 free spins and the other 100. Logic dictates you are going to go for the higher amount of spins because, with 100, your odds and chances of gaining any return are greater to your advantage.

So, from this, your strategy is to find the right casinos, offering the largest selection of free spin bonuses. But this isn’t just the end of the development, what about what games are eligible to play with this bonus. From this point, a player can stray into a seemingly endless path of strategical checks.

Here is a basic checklist for you to follow and below, in our next section, we’ll elaborate on what the best strategies are and mean.

Your Path to Glory

  • Decide the type of slot you wish to play according to its RTP.
  • Practice playing games in Demo Mode first.
  • Find games with high paylines, bonus levels and most reoccurring wins whilst practicing.
  • Pick a casino that holds your preferred game and offers a slots bonus. (check bonus t’s&c’s).
  • Use your bonus to play the very games you practiced on.

This is a very basic process and there are way more complicated procedures to take on, which we will cover just after this next section of picking the best strategy.

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What is the Best Slot Machine Strategy?

Let us now look at the slot machine strategies you can incorporate into your state of play. There really is no ‘singular’ best strategy, they each work in unison and never alone.

Our slot machine strategy is broken down into just 5 easy understandable sections which you can combine.

  • 1. Practice will make you a better slot player: Demo games are a valuable tool, ironic they are free to play. This is the starting point of any strategy you take on, to know the game you are playing, learning to find those machines, which the casinos hold, that offer players a better chance of winning on, over those programmed to be less effective.
  • 2. Why bother to pay and play? Basically, casino bonuses are going to save you a lot more money in the long run. If and when the opportunity arises to play with a suitable casino bonus, then take it. Having a chance of any free spins or free cash to play with, means you have a chance to gain free capital. Now that’s something you won’t find in Vegas.
  • 3. Strike whilst it’s hot: Casino’s will inform you through a winners table which games are currently paying out. Knowing which games are in a hot streak of form is beneficial.
  • 4. Progressive Wins: If you want to win the biggest jackpot prize, then the progressive jackpot slots are the ones to aim for. History has shown a very clear pattern, once a jackpot drops, another soon follows. Why? Because a lot of progressive slots are built using high RTP. Also, look out for daily jackpots. These forms of prizes have cash values which have to be won by a specific time or before a value is reached i.e. ‘5,000 jackpot to be won by 11 pm’ or ‘Prize to drop before 2,500’.
  • 5. Beginners luck. (the more complex strategy.) A false claim or true that it exists? For any new player looking to join an online casino, we can say with much confidence that you will land a ‘BIG WIN’ from an online slot within your first 50 spins of a game. Here’s how we know… The casinos are built with management tools implemented into gaming analytics. They will know what you as a player will pay on average, what type of games you play and a few more detail irrelevant to the idea of using this as a strategy. A new player has no past expense history with the casino, therefore, it cannot dictate your winnings based on the money put into the games. So, for all players, once played, this is what you do: Clean your cache on your device. Don’t play the same game for a month. During this time the casino will have updated the games cleaning them of faults. Proceed to the games and play again and always play and bet on new ones. This is a strategy that will yield must success.

Note: Every virtual based machine is essentially a slot machine game, the programming and algorithms are the same, the only difference is the face of the game’s presentation i.e. cards, wheels, dice and video poker. The active motion of any game is the same, a roll of the dice is the same as a rotation of a slot reel, and so on. So, these strategies work for all games in the realm of virtual machine formats.

How Do You Know When a Slot machine Will Hit?

So, how to tell if a slot machine is hot. As mentioned previously, some casinos will hold a winners table, this informs players, who the user is which won, how much they won and on what game. Other indications come from news stories which we hold on our site. We will inform you when the big progressive jackpots are won.

If we go back to the function of RTP, not many players know the concept of this factor and inevitably bet on whatever game looks to have a more appealing title or theme. Therefore, a good indication is within the menu of popular of favourite games. A large portion of these will be high RTP based games, hence the money going in will increase the percentage chance of a payout.

Another tip, which no other guide will give, is to study the menu layout. If one week a game is found halfway down the list and then suddenly top the next. This is a good indication that the slot has been updated to clean any faults and to remove bugs. This means its cache has been cleared and will play like a new game, void of your history. A simple way to test this is to check to see if the coin/chip value is the default value or the value you last played, which is not the default amount.

How to Win at Slots

Knowing which slot is best to play will come time. You firstly need to experiment with demo machine games. This is the risk-free way to know which slots are best to play and which ones are to be avoided before gambling for real money. Learn to lose and learn to beat the house edge,

How to Pick a Winning Slot Machine

1. The More Choice the Better

Pick slots that offer high payouts and bonus rounds and bigger pay line win features. Games with more chance better your odds. So, look for paylines above the average, which is 20 lines, avoid single pay line game. Get games with layered bonus rounds and with multi-jackpot rounds.

2. Practice, Practice and more Practice

Knowing which slot is best to play, will come time. You firstly need to experiment with demo machine games. This is the risk-free way to know which slots are best to play and which ones are to be avoided. If you lose there is no real loss and this goes for all virtual machines like video poker, blackjack and roulette.

3.Know Your Maker

There are indeed many software developers in the industry and each one wants to be unique and different. No two developers are the same and because of this, you’ll find two distinct ways casino games are made. You have providers making their game which are filled will frequent winning occurrences but pay small. Then you have providers with infrequent payback winnings, but when they do land, they are bigger. Learn about your makers within the free games of our site.

4. Beat Them At Their Own Game

You now know of RTP and RNG, but another thing to learn is the Volatility of a game, also known as the variance which is the risk level of the game. This leads back to the development of the game. The Volatility of the game comes as either High or Medium. The higher the percentage of the Volatility you will know that your payback will be smaller in frequency but higher in value. Knowing these technical aspects of the game allows you not to be lured in by catchy titles or concepts when the outcome of all is predetermined by the programming.

5. Experimentation

This is part of the practice process, but more in how you practice. So here are some tips to help you to begin experimenting.

  • Experiment with different wagering amounts you bet. Which values offer more frequent wins. Is playing lower wagers more beneficial than higher ones. Does alternating work? How about going up on each spin. Testing to see if patterns come about from tactical wagering and if the algorithm can be tricked is a big strategy. There’s a reason why all games have a default value, wink, wink!
  • Experiment with multiple paylines. Some games allow you to change the number of lines you can bet on. All games default to the full number, this increases your wager. But test to see if altering this is of benefit. See if you win just as much after 50 spins on 15 pay lines and you do with 20 paylines.
  • Experiment with two of the same games at once. Open a secondary browser so you have two of the same games on the screen. The first you play with no changes to the default setting, then second you test each area of the game 20 spins at a time to record your findings. If leaving a game in with its default settings yield more wins than changing things, then you know how to approach a game. You can also test the one that’s not left on default with autoplay, does autoplay affect the algorithm in a positive or negative way?

Slot Strategy Summary: Our conclusion and final words on the strategies surrounding the online slot machine

There’s certainly a lot to explore before gambling for real money, but effort and time really do pay off in the end and that is the key goal. Fast wins and big values take the necessary study to conclude these outcomes. For example, had you not read this, you may have opted for a game by a developer that purposely makes their games with low RTP, you may have become frustrated and increased your wagering value, which, in turn, effects the algorithm in a negative way and your losses therefore increase and your payback decreases.

We thank you for reading our guide, stick to the plan and now see the game in the bigger picture and we are more than confident you’ll succeed. The best of luck to you.


💯 Is there a Slot strategy that works 100%?

No slot strategy will guarantee that from every spin made that a win will land, this is impossible because of how the games are programmed. What you learn from our strategy guide is how to manipulate the programming’s memory that effects how consistent you win on the slots.

🎰 How effective is practice before playing slots for real money?

Practicing on demo slot games is very practical and this is why it is one of the more important strategies. You will learn to pick your games more wisely and save money in the process. You can learn techniques about games, such as knowing what value spins yield more profit in return. It’s better to discover and learn whilst the games are free, rather than doing it with your own finances.

🍒 How are slot bonuses a strategy?

Playing slots is more a case of you against the other players out there that have the same access to it, rather than it being about you against the casino. What you get from bonuses is longer game time. The more money you have to play with or the more free spins you have could make all the difference between you landing a jackpot or some other player that can also access the same game.

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