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4 Card Keno – Proven to be the Best Multi-Hand Keno Variant

Online 4 Card Keno Online 4 Card Keno

Is there any advantage to playing keno online or is this a game which gives a clear advantage to the casinos that have players wrapped around their little finger? Well, despite the odds and probabilities being high, there is a variant of the game that does give players a better chance of winning and it’s the 4 card keno variant.

Playing online Keno

Keno is a game that is commonly found in any casino. This numbers game falls under the lottery category, and the many that play this look to scoop some of the biggest prizes available online, with returns of 10,000 to 1 made possible if you were to record 15 numbers out of 15. Here we look at the likelihood of landing this on the keno game, but more so in the variant of games known as 4 card keno. If you want to find a casino where to play this, we can also help guide you to the sites that give you the opportunity to play 4 card keno for free!

4 Card Keno gameplay

If you play keno, you must go into the online casino games with some knowledge of the rules and the understanding that this numbers game is largely based on luck. It is a game that provides a mix of lottery gaming and bingo, thus making this game very popular to players that want to be playing for the biggest payouts possible in the casinos.

There are 80 numbers in a keno game, and you can choose on the cards you play with, up to 20 numbers. When it comes to 4 card keno, the number of spots picked should be between 2 and 10. The reason playing on 4 card keno is so much better is because the winning odds are similar to a Royal Flush payout that you’d get from an online video poker game or regular poker game.

What is 4 Card Keno?

From Vegas halls to the online world, those that choose to play keno as four cards see similar comparisons to video poker. It is a game that is considered to be the best to choose from of all variants in the keno category. It is a mix of keno but played on slots and the gaming concept is very simple. Players can play with up to four cards, but you can settle to play with just two of three if you wish.

When you pick the number of cards you wish to play, you begin to mark the spots you want to bet on. Now, your choice of which spot to play can be random or you can settle incorporate strategy into your play to see if it brings in better luck in winning a prize. Being random and having a strategy won’t change the odds but will control the level of fun to which you play.

How to play 4 Card Keno

With 4 card keno, those participating can choose 2 to 10 numbers and can enjoy up to four games at the same time. Playing this way in the casino will give you the chance to win 7 spots across half of these tickets. A win from this is a pretty big jackpot win, so you will have overlapping numbers on each of the cards.

There is a 4 card keno strategy out there and it is similar to the 20-card technique used in the casino. The only change in the strategy is the number of spots you pick. The online casino game comes with many denominations that you can place your bets with from one cent up to however many dollars you can afford.

Plus, if you play with free casino bonuses, you can claim free credit to help you win.

4 card or 20 cards?

The key is clearly winning so the number of cards is important. For many players, the best option is to choose the four-card multi-play. Lower playing odds will give you more frequent returns at the casino or even in the Vegas hall.

The bonus of four ticket games is that the options to spot the numbers shrink, bets are more focused on making the strategy less wasteful when the balls are drawn.

As an example, if you play 10 spot cards along the top two ticket rows, rather than marking the single row of all 10 numbers, with 4 card keno, players can mark both of the rows which generates a ‘cross-over’ of patterns. With the additional 10 spot options, you won’t have to land them all to win a top prize jackpot from those drawn. As time passes, you can look at other strategies to bet your money on.

Keno Strategies

Here we review the strategy options for 4 card keno and highlight the real advantages of playing with four ticket options rather than 20.

The first strategy is to practice before you pay to play. This can be done with app games or our collection of real casino demo games. Any player stepping up to a new game must familiarize themselves with the machines they wish to win on. Our free demos come with no download and you can enjoy them many times over. These titles match the ones used by the casinos online. You can also access them with your mobile and hit the machines no matter where you are. The game reviews will also guide you to where they can be played for real money and the big jackpot payout.

As mentioned before, bonus offers can assist the player’s time on the keno slots. Bonus offers vary and can offer a different amount in free credit from casino to casino. The larger amount to scoop is from the welcome bonuses. Drawing on bonuses gives players insurance over their own limited funds and if wins are hit with them, the player still gets to keep what they have won.

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