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We Partner Up With to Do Good!

Tom Lasten 11 October 2022 - 12:52:13
Against Malaria Against Malaria has launched the initiative "iGaming for the future" with the goal of uniting the gambling industry to do good. We want to help!

Our partnership with them aims to prevent the spread of malaria. Malaria, which spreads through mosquitos, kills over 625 000 people every year. 70% of which are children under the age of 5 and the disease is the #1 killer of pregnant women in the world.

Thanks to this collaboration we have raised and donated enough money to buy and distribute 349 mosquito nets in Kampemda ZdS, the Haut Katanga Province in Congo. These nets will protect 629 people from the deadly mosquitos. These mosquito nets are used to protect people from mosquitoes during the night, which is when humans are most vulnerable to mosquitoes.

Mosquito nets donated Mosquito nets donated

The nets donated are part of these 432 250 nets being distributed in Congo. On the left is shown where Congo is, and on the right where the different deliveries of nets are in Congo itself.

It is a pleasure to be a part of this project with It’s an honor to help save the lives of children and make the world a better place. We believe in your mission, and we are cheering for you!

Against malaria Against malaria

About - Online casino for good is an unusual online casino project where goal is to make the world a better place. They are focused on online casinos in New Jersey and like most casino websites they write about NJ online casino no deposit bonus, online casino reviews, and different casino games. Just like other affiliates they also partner up with the big casinos like Tropicana NJ, BetMGM, Unibet, and SugarHouse.

A major difference between them and other affiliate sites is that they donate 100% of their profits to charities. With Erik Bergman's help, they have donated more than $4 000 000 to projects to prevent malaria, stop global warming, and clean the oceans of plastic.

They emphasize charities that are highly effective and whose results are measurable. The Against Malaria Foundation, which received donations from this partnership, has been ranked among the world's top charities by multiple experts, and they clearly show where and how mosquito nets are distributed. Here you can see how the nets from our partnership are delivered. When you donate, you will also receive regular email updates to let you know when the nets reach people.

As part of's long-term goals, the company aims to donate billions of dollars every year to various charities, partly by generating profits for itself and partly by uniting the iGaming industry to do more good together.

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