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Gibraltar Licensing Authority: Everything about the Regulator

Gibraltar was one of the first regions to license online gambling sites all the way back in 1998. These days it’s recognized as one of the premier hubs for online gambling and plays host to numerous online betting companies. It is one of the most widely recognised and also one of the more regulated gambling jurisdictions to be found anywhere in the world. This is mainly due to its reputation for ensuring all regulatory practises are strictly adhered to.


Casinos licensed under the Gibraltar Licensing Authority
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A Brief Look Into The History Of The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Pre 2005, all the licensing and industry regulations were handled by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority or ‘GRA’. In 2005, legislative framework revision led to the Gambling Act of 2005 and the GRA’s gambling section then merged with the Gambling Division of the Government of Gibraltar, which to this day is responsible for the issuance of gambling licenses.

Any form of gambling operation located in Gibraltar needs to be licensed under the 2005 Gambling Act or ‘The Act’. Internet or online gambling operations require a license that is issued from the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, under guidance from the Gambling Commissioner. The Gambling Commissioner ensures that licensees run their business in strict accordance with the terms and conditions of each of their licenses and also in accordance with the special code of practice that is issued by the Gambling Commissioner.

A Look At The Main Goals And Missions Attributing To The Success Of The Gibraltar Licensing Authority

The vision of practice behind the licence department and the effect of the remote gambling application are listed here:

  • Provides a complaints guideline for players.
  • Supports test requirements with approved companies such as Ecogra, iTech Labs and Gaming Associates.
  • Anti-Money laundering program.
  • Offers a ‘Generic Code’ by which all licensees must abide by with fair and transparent frameworks.
  • Offers operators a flat tax duty of 0.15%.
  • Regulates the accuracy and truthfulness of advertising with promotional and sponsored activity.
  • Licensed software development for iGaming.

The Main Points Of To The GRA Business Practice

In order to obtain any type of gambling license from Gibraltar, operators must be able to prove their previous history with regards to gambling or online gambling operations and must be in good financial shape business wise. Only then will the Gibraltar Licensing Authority consider them for an applicable gambling license. If any operator is found to have violated any of the terms and conditions they are bound to or have a bad track record when it comes to previous operations, then the Gibraltar Licensing Authority has the right to refuse a license and even revoke any or all licenses that have already been issued as they see fit.

Here is a summarization of the four key points of practice taken on by the GBGA.

1. The Licensee is a driving force behind safe, competitive and fair regulated standards. The licences in association to the GBGA ensures strict regulations on these points for all the gambling consumers. This sets out higher standards across the EU and Global networks. Helping to also combat fraud, laundering and underage gambling.

2. Integrity and Excellence. Supporting the free movement of services globally and for each betting and gambling outlet. Ensuring a website can promote bonuses and brands and general content to a worldwide market.

3. World leading standards, would be simple enough to quantify the practice of this regulator. A relevant law maker and firm believer in the businesses, they have opened up new standards with safety and competitiveness. This leads their process being the strictest in the World.

4. The Gibraltar Licensing Authority holds a huge commitment to the online consumer of their regulated associations, from tested games to equal trade. The public are put first as they look at social responsibility and education with this pastime.

Gambling Sites Holding The Casino License Gibraltar Issues And How The Service Is Provided

The Gibraltar Licensing Authority can issue several different types of licenses to online gambling operators depending on the type of service or function they provide. They include bookmaker’s licenses, gaming machine licenses, lottery licenses, operator’s licenses and also remote gaming licenses.

Licensees are therefore legally bound to adhere to the guidelines and regulations set out in these agreements. This includes any applicable restrictions on advertising, ensuring strict adherence to fraud and money laundering policies and requirements, availability of accounts and official audits, applicable gaming taxes plus operating and testing standards. The Gambling Commissioner is then bound to ensure that licensees operate within the framework set out in the 2005 Gambling Act and also in accordance with the terms and conditions of each applicable license.

Those meeting the necessary requirements of the Gibraltar Licensing Authority can be found in the list highlighted above where you can read each review and register with instantly.

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